10 Aug 2010


Digital Presenters, Samsung Comments Off on SDP-860

Active Learning
has a new partner…

Educators have found that students taught with active learning instruction techniques, which engage and involve them in the lesson, will have better retention of the material.

Now, with the introduction of the SAMCAM SDP-860, Samsung has put the key, high-end camera features into an affordable digital presenter with the goal of bringing state-of-the-art education tools to every classroom across Europe.

A Digital Presenter in a class of its own…

The SDP-860 Digital Presenter has been specifically designed with the education sector in mind.
Its features and functions built reflect the growing demands of a market sector which is increasingly
appreciating the benefits that Digital Presenters can deliver.

Samsung Techwin appreciate that in the current economic climates schools are looking for value from their investment in new teaching aids. They also want to take advantage of the very latest technology to furnish classrooms with the best possible teaching equipment. The SDP-860, although packed with advanced features and functions, has been priced to make it affordable for the vast majority of schools.

The SDP-860 supports resolutions up to 1080p HD and true SXGA at 30 frames per second for fast and smooth video streaming and also supports DVI output and a wide screen (16:9) display, enabling connection to PDP and LCD devices. Incorporating Samsung Techwin’s proprietary ISP chipset and 2D/3D noise reduction technology, the SDP-860 can deliver crystal clear, noise-free images in low light environments. It also has a built-in microphone giving teachers and students the option to record video and sound synchronised to their presentations.

Flexible and versatile, the SDP-860 with a combined optical and digital 48x zoom capability, can generate fine detailed images of the smallest of objects whilst the optical lens with auto-focus can form images of documents as large as A3, on one screen. An optional microscope adaptor can be provided for microscopic viewing.

The SDP-860 has an onboard storage capacity of 32 GB on which data, still images, video and sound can be saved. A particularly interesting feature is the Page Detection menu which provides motion detection capabilities, automatically saving book pages or A4 documents onto SD memory cards when they are viewed.


Smooth Video Output with True SXGA at 30fps

The SDP-860 supports true SXGA at 30fps for smooth and fast video streaming.

6X Optical Zoom & 48X Combined Zoom

Bringing together a 48X combined zoom with the 6X optical and 8X digital zooms, the SDP-860 stands alone amongst same grade cameras. Its optical lens with auto-focus calibration can form images of documents up to A3 size on one screen.

DVI Output Support

The SDP-860 supports DVI output and a wide Screen (16 : 9) display, enabling the connection to PDP and LCD devices for clearer, livelier viewing.

Our Proprietary ISP Chip & 2D/3D Noise Reduction Technology

Equipped with our proprietary ISP chipset and the world‘s first 2D/3D dual noise reduction technology, the SDP-860 provides crystal-clear, noise-free graphics even in the darkest places.

Video Storage Capacity up to 
640 x 512 VGA at 30fp

The SDP-860 is compatible with SDHC (SD Ver. 2), and can save data up to 32GB. Not only can it save still images but also videos with sound up to 640 x 512 at 30fps.

User-Friendly Design & Menus

For an enhanced user experience, the SDP-860 is designed with multiple joints. Its black frame and blue LED add a touch of classic to the hardware. The Page Detection menu provides motion detection capabilities, automatically saving book pages and A4 documents in SD memory cards when they are viewed through the presenter.