Museum guide devices

Orpheo Network

Ophrys is one of the world’s leading Audio Guide manufacturer. Orpheo Network combines companies worldwide, which deal with audio guide and tour guide systems. We are also the member of Orpheo Network. The network has lot of experience and knowledge, so the manufacturer seeks to maximize that in product development. Orpheo Network operates more than 70 000 devices in 500 museums worldwide.

Orpheo Audio Guide system

Nowadays the hungarian tourism makes need for the setup of systems, which let the museum visitors visit an exhibiton independently and get all of the important informations at the same time. The Orpheo system can work on your language and it is easy to use.

Audio playing is possible in MP3 / WMA / AAC formats. Enlightened, durable keyboard and the shake, shock and water resistance are the keys for reliable function.

Orpheo Tour Guide system

It’s frequent claim from museum that more groups should be guided at the same time without disturbing each other. Orpheo answered this claim in its Tour Guide solutions.

The system consisting of radio transmitters and receivers allows the tour guide’s voice to get every each visitors without speaking louder than normal. The guide speaks to a microphone his/her voice reach the listeners by a 12-channel radio transmitter. In optimal circumstances, the broadcast can be receivable in 100 metres but it also depends on the conditions of the building. Every visitor uses its own receiver and headset, so the ambient noise does not disturb them.

Unlimited number of receivers served by one trasmitter. The 12 available channels give an opportunity to get information on more languages simultaneously.

My Orpheo…

MyOrpheo provides engaging, emotional and educative visitor solutions on personal equipment for museums or cultural site.
We provide turn-key solutions for sites who wish to complete their self-guided tour services by offering their visitors access to content through various types of application: we can implement IPhone, Android and WP7 audio tour.

Here you can find detailed information abour Orpheo products and solturions:

You could read about Orpheo’s mobile solutions called My Orpheo…

Why is the Audioguide device different than a normal MP3 player?

  • The Auidoguide is made up of parts for professional use, which withstand the load for years. In case of load like this, manufacturers do not undertake a guarantee for the home products
  • A system consisting of a charger, software makes the using possible as a whole. Machines can be managed together, so it is not necessary to copy the content onto every each player or to charge the every each battery.
  • Devices are easy to use, 3 sentences are enough to explain to visitors, how to use it.
    The visitor is not able to record, format the memory or steal, replace the battery, storage.
  • Number typing is simple, clear for also a layman.
    MP3 players stepping, searching solutions do not follow this logic.
  • Outdoor using (sunlight, rain) is not harmful for the device.
  • Orpheo audioguide devices have such options, which are not typical for MP3 players.
    These are: simoltaneous starting with external control, anti-theft system, GPS.
  • People with visual impairment can also use orpheo devices, because of its clear and palpable components.
  • MP3 players are popular targets for thieves, while an audioguide is much safer!