Scala Digital Signage solutions


In the case of multimedia systems it is often a problem that the graphic designers do not understand the computer science, however IT specialists are not skilled at the graphics. This fact complicates the management of multimedia systems and forces the users to work together. The Scala company’s InfoChannel system solved this problem and created a system, which requires some computer knowledge to install the system, but it is no longer needed during use.

Architecture of system

The Scala InfoChannel is based on PC-based computer network architecture. So the available standard computers – with given configuration – are not special tools. The network can use LAN based on TCP/IP or WAN. It can use FTP server, but it’s not absolutely necessary. The computers drive the monitors with their own monitor controller card.
We can say, that InfoChannel is a standard, flexibliy configurable system based on a well-known information technology.

Components of the system

InfoChannel’s software system consists of 3 components and optional modules. The software components run by Microsoft Windows operating systems.

  • InfoChannel Player
  • InfoChannel Content Manager
  • InfoChannel Designer

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