360° Display

360° LED Display

In places, where traditional advertisements can not be suspended or wall-reinforced, the cylinder shaped, placed into space display can be the solution. Mikropo is the hungarian distributor of Litefast Display company’s digital video displays, which we rent for exhibitions. The 75 cm diameter, 240 cm tall cylinder shaped mobile dislay has a unique feature, that it diplays the video 360° or animation 2400 x 600 pixels in the form of a video on the cylinder surface. Built-in computer stores the content and as the visualization is LED based, its brightness and the contrast is excellent even in daylight. It needs only 1 m2.

Litefast 360° uses an innovative, patented LED technolog for imagery. The used high-tech materials and the „Made in Germany” precision mechanics is the key to high quality and long life. The system is based on a rapidly spinning rotor which has rows of RGB LEDs. This rotor creates the picture to people during its continous rotation. The built-in control electronics monitors the current positions of LEDs and controlls its light emition. The human eye can not perceive the movement of LEDs, just sees the image they have created. The spinning rotor moves on a cylinder surface, therefore users can place any product in the middle of the cylinder, what the machine scans.

The lower part of the advertising pillar individual posters can be placed, or even it can function as a „shop window”, while the video material is running in the forefront on the cylinder surface. Our company can assist in compiling of content, we can preapare your video and animated image material.

In our center the device can be seen during operation.


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