Our Solutions


Mikropo Ltd. offers the most modern visualtechnique solutions its present and future clients. The solutions range from control room solutions to the latest audio-visual solutions through conference sound system. Due to the 24 years of market experience, high standard of professional background, well-trained staff, supportment of world leading companies, our company has lot of experience in the field of control room, education technique (interactive board, screen, projector, LCD TV, plasma TV), events, program technique (building projection, sound technique, light technique, visualtechnique), audio guide systems and professional presentational techniques (digital signage, interactive information desk, plasma wall, interactive solutions).

Our philosophy is to create all software, hardware and sight technique solutions complementing or relating to the visual technique, which realise the idea and organize the necessary visual technique and sound technique devices into a system.

We provide the necessary technical resource for the programs, video technology projection, filming, and the sound and light technique with our formed specialists. Moreover, we prepare presentational materials needed for display, and we accomplish the imagined pictorial sight with the help of a special video and software technologies.

Software development and systems integration, needed to solutions, are ensured by Mikropo own developer branch. This branch also develops special softwares for the administrative, corporational, insurance markets.

Thanks to today’s visual communical needs, it is indispensable to know other market-leading firms’ technology. Mikropo Visual Technology Ltd’s main partner is the belgian BARCO company, which is the world’s leading solution supplier and manufacturer of professional visualtechnology devices.


  • conference, meeting halls’ audio guide systems;
  • fixed and mobile projectors for corporational and educational use;
  • multi-media indoor and outdoor displays/monitors/walls in advertising and event services;
  • dispatcher centers’ industrial integrated display surfaces;
  • three-dimensional representation for simulation and scientific use;
  • special and high-resolution monitors for air navigation, defense, medical, cartography applications;
  • digital cinema and home theater projectors systems;