LED wall rental


Nowadays, we are the witnesses of the continuous development of the visual technique. A few years ago traditional CRT televisions were in the home, but for now the flat plasma or LCD TV spread. The LED is not new, it is almost as old as the transistor. There were already LEDs thirty or forty years ago, however these couldn’t be illuminated.

Today’s LED TV background lighting is also LED, so LED is illuminated from behind the LCD panel. A LED is already used in traditional lighting, for example neon lamps are replaced by LED lighting. Its consumption is one-fifth of neon lamps’, its lifetime is from 50 to 100 000 hours.

Our rental sector uses LED walls with this technology. Many LEDs get beside each other in these, from the basic RGB (red, green, blue) colours, these pixels are those elemental pixels, of what the picture is made up. The closer to each other the LEDs are, the more closely you can watch the picture.

Indoor LED wall

In the INDOOR LED walls, the light-emitting diodes are by approximately 6-8 mm apart from each other. These walls apply the 3:1 SMD LED technology, where within a LED, there are 3 chips in accordance with the three colours (RGB).

The man’s eyes are particularly sensitive to how you see the picture originated from the three colours of the elemental pixels, so “close to a point of” light beams give brighter, sharper picture, than the discrete LEDs of the outdoor LED walls.

The brightness of indoor LED walls is about 1500-2000 NIT, it’s smaller tha the outdoor LED walls’, but this is more than enough for indoor use, the watching distance is about 6-8 meters.

Outdoor LED wall

In the OUTDOOR LED walls, the RGB colours’ light beams are by approximately 10-20 mm apart from each other. Outdoor LED walls can be seen in sunlight because of their 5000-6000 NIT brightness, and because the look distance is bigger (15-20 metres), the picture will be more sharper and enjoyable for the eyes.

Generally, the picture’s purpose is creating a visual experience and attaining a storng impression in the observers.

A The colour palette of the LED walls is exceptionally big, due to the development of the digital technique. It has the advantage that it’s not necessary the two separate construction in the events. In other cases, when we project onto the screen or an other rigid-optical surface from behind with projector, the installation must be provided separately to the projector and the screen too. LED walls consist of modules with a given size, which we put beside each other and above it, thus the picture can be converted into the appropriate size. Its modular structure may result very creative solutions: columns, doors, various unique visual solutions can be developed from it. Our main partner is the Belgian BARCO firm – the world’s leading professional manufacturer of LED walls.

Applications of the rental devices

The LED wall is usually is used for picture magnification, but it can be a theater, concert background also. In this case we hang stripes up onto a light bridge to each other about a distance of one meter, then we fit the creative material to it. We may put the wall onto the stage, we do not hang it up onto a light bridge, but we place the modules upon each other.

Generally, 5-8-10-12 m2 is used inside, and the module size of the elements of indoor LED walls is 74 x 49 cm. 15-20-24-30-50 or even 90 m2 can be used outside. We use the BARCO company’s LED wall, of which we have 148 pcs 90 x 68 cm modules.

When the modules get in a row of altitude beside each other, it is the AD/BANNER, PERIMETER, which can be placed beside the shoretline 30-120 metres long, on a sport event. 128 cm x 96 cm module elements are used for perimeters.

Low-resolution LED-based gridled elements are also used for creative scenery in 120 x 60 cm module size.

We accomplish our LED wall rental services with the help of devices mentioned above. If you have special requests, please contact us!

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