19 Apr 2012

Barco expands range of super silent three-chip DLP projectors

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Barco, a world leader in projection technology, is proud to add a new member to its RLM family of very silent three-chip DLP projectors.

Similar to its smaller W6 and W8 cousins, the new RLM-W12 offers WUXGA resolution (1920×1200) combined with low operating cost and power consumption. Thanks to its standard 3D capabilities, low noise level and 11,500 lumens light output, the RLM-W12 is a perfect fit for conference auditoriums, lecture halls, infotainment applications and event venues. The new projector will be commercially available from May 2012 onwards.

“By adding a brighter unit to our RLM projector family, we can now cover the entire spectrum of silent projectors for fixed installations, ranging from 6,000 to 11,500 lumens light output,” says Alexis Skatchkoff, product manager at Barco. “In this way, we are better able to meet customer demands for more brightness out of compact projector systems.”

Active 3D
As the RLM-W12 comes with standard active 3D capabilities, easy play-out of 3D content is guaranteed. What’s more, the RLM-W12‘s TLD lenses are fully compatible with Barco’s range of HDX and FLM projectors. The new RLM-W12 is highly suitable for fixed installation in auditoriums and lecture halls, and, thanks to its optional ceiling mount and rigging stack, it can also be used for events.

Flawless image quality
The three-chip DLP RLM projector family generates crisp images with more stability, richer contrast and better color saturation. Thanks to its noise-reducing and power-saving design, the RLM consumes 33% less power than comparable projectors. They are also compatible with a wide range of traditional control devices as well as with the user-friendly Barco Projector Toolset software that allows you to easily control your projector, anywhere and anytime.

14 Feb 2011

New wide angle lens LCD interactive multimedia projector from SANYO

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The PLC-WL2503 is short throw, low-maintenance interactive multimedia projector targeting applications in educational institutions and training facilities.

Munich, 10th of January 2011 — SANYO Sales & Marketing Europe presents a highlight of this years business & education product range: the PLC-WL2503 creates an 80” diagonal image from a throw distance of just 86 cm, reducing shadows on the projection surface that affect standard throw projectors, included is the interactive capability that enables the PLC-WL2503 to turn any surface into an interactive screen. Designed to reduce the total cost of ownership, the PLC-WL2503 benefits from a lamp life of up 4000 hours in eco mode, while the period between filter replacement can be extended to a 4000 hour interval. Read more

09 Feb 2011

Barco launches compact 14K lumens 3D events projector

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Amsterdam, Integrated Systems Europe 2011 exhibition, 1 February 2011 – Barco, a world leader in projection for the rental and staging market, is happy to announce a newly designed three-chip DLP platform for mid-sized event venues. The HDX-W14 is a 3D projector with advanced image processing, increased and easy control options, and a compact design.

The HDX-W14 comes with a 14,000 lumens light output, a WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution and active 3D capabilities. It features controls through a user-friendly, built-in LCD screen with a preview mode, and control options through wired and wireless IP. Furthermore, users can control the projector through new technologies such as tablet PCs and smart phones. Read more

21 Nov 2010

New LED engine makes Barco’s video walls brightest and most efficient

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Kortrijk, Belgium, 9 November 2010 – Visualization specialist Barco is proud to announce a new line of LED-lit, DLP-based video walls with an improved LED engine. The new OVL range reaches a brightness level that is 20% higher than any competing system, without shortening the projection system’s lifetime. This makes it the most efficient LED video wall available today. The OVL video wall range is offered in 4:3 ratio, with screen sizes up to 80 inch.

The coolest and most efficient engine
Just like Barco’s 16:9 LED video walls, the new OVL series has an advanced heat management system based on liquid cooling technology, which brings the LED temperature down to the optimal level. This results in a significantly longer lifetime of the projection system, amounting to 80,000 hours of continuous operation in eco-mode – or a 35% improvement over competing video walls.

Thanks to liquid cooling, it is possible to boost the OVL’s brightness level up to 20% without shortening the system’s lifetime. This effectively makes the OVL the brightest LED-lit video wall on the market. Conversely, it is possible to prolong the system’s lifetime by lowering the brightness level. This way, Barco proves that liquid cooling is very effective in counteracting LED aging effects.

OVL video walls can save up to 30% power compared to other LED-based systems. Barco achieves this by basing the OVL’s color and brightness adjustment on smart power management, not on optical dimming.

Thanks to the OVL’s new LED engine, offering higher brightness and higher efficiency, the use of larger screens has become possible. Barco’s OVL range therefore includes an 80” video wall system with seamless screens, which is particularly interesting for utilities applications. An additional benefit over smaller size screens is the 80” OVL’s high mean time between failures.

The warmest colors
Barco’s OVL rear projectors come with Sense6, a unique sensor technology which co-ordinates across multiple rear-projection modules to provide brightness and color stability over time and across the entire video wall screen. Unlike factory calibrated systems, the OVL continuously measures and adjusts color and brightness in real time and therefore requires no maintenance or manual adjustments.

Barco’s LED expertise

The OVL video wall completes Barco’s range of LED-based video wall systems, which also includes the 16:9 OL video walls launched in 2009. Barco’s LED-lit video walls tackle a large number of challenges faced by most other video wall systems used today. By combining the advantages of using LEDs instead of lamps to create the images, with a number of cutting-edge technical innovations, Barco’s LED video wall series offer saturated colors, low maintenance and usability in critical 24/7 applications.

More information about BARCO LED video wall systems

18 Oct 2010

The official main technical sponsor of is Cinetrip VJ Tournament 2010 is Mikropo Vizuáltechnika Ltd.

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October 2010 is the fourth time Cinetrip announces the international VJ tournament in Budapest.

After a glorious visit to Brasil, VJ Torna returns to it’s birthplace in Budapest, Hungary to hold a the biannual visual happening amongst the walls of Merlin theatre. Workshops, VJ battles, meetups, parties for a week!

The official main technical sponsor of the event is Mikropo Vizuáltechnika Ltd.
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27 Sep 2010

Barco expands most silent projection range with an 8,000 lumens unit optimized for rental and staging

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Kortrijk, Belgium, 23 September 2010 – Barco, a preferred partner in professional visualization, is proud to announce the expansion of its RLM product line with the RLM-W8 projector.

It is an 8,000 lumens, three-chip DLPTM projector with a WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution. In addition to offering low power consumption and decreased noise levels, it features geometry correction and edge blending capabilities. Barco’s RLM-W8 is perfectly suited for the rental and staging markets, and uses an optional Barco stacking frame.
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07 Aug 2010

Cinema technique at Mikropo

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Mikropo Ltd. entered the market of cinema technique by the integration of Xenoton.

Traditional and digital cinemas, complete 3D projection. Installation of new cinemas, technical renovation of traditional cinemas by systems of world’s leading manufactuer (Kinoton, Barco, Dolby, doremi, etc.) and providing full service. Using of cinema technique references and work experience by the integration of 17 years old Xenoton cinema technique firm.

12 Jul 2010

Sales and project manager

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Our company is looking for sales and project manager in the field of audio- and visualtechnique.


Watching and researching the market for new potential clients, building relationship with potential customers. Sale and rental of devices and systems. Read more

06 Apr 2010

LED-lit rear-projection video wall display from BARCO

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Barco’s OL video wall series with unique Sense6 calibration and stabilization technology offers truly maintenance-free viewing.

Visualization specialist Barco has announced its new series of LED-lit rear-projection video wall displays. With the development of the full HD (1920×1080) LED-based video wall system, Barco builds on many years of experience with LED displays. Next to the obvious benefits of LED-based rear-projection technology, such as low maintenance and saturated colors, Barco’s OL video wall series also features the unique Sense6 color calibration and stabilization technology which makes the video wall systems truly ready for 24/7 use.

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06 Apr 2010

Projectorlamps for any type

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On a favourable price and with a short deadline, we undertake the purchase, transport of lamps for any projector type. Original manufacturers’ lamps, luminaires without frame, OEM products.

If you wish, we built-in the lamps, luminaires without frame bought at us. It’s free of charge. We undertake the cleaning and maintenance – according to manufacturers’ specifications – of any type of projector.