Audio Guide devices

Museum visitors have higher and higher requirements from the exhibitions.
So, here are our Audio Guide and Tour guid devices!



Why is the Audioguide device different than a normal MP3 player?

  • The Auidoguide is made up of parts for professional use, which withstand the load for years. In case of load like this, manufacturers do not undertake a guarantee for the home products
  • A system consisting of a charger, software makes the using possible as a whole. Machines can be managed together, so it is not necessary to copy the content onto every each player or to charge the every each battery.
  • Devices are easy to use, 3 sentences are enough to explain to visitors, how to use it.
    The visitor is not able to record, format the memory or steal, replace the battery, storage.
  • Number typing is simple, clear for also a layman.
    MP3 players stepping, searching solutions do not follow this logic.
  • Outdoor using (sunlight, rain) is not harmful for the device.
  • Orpheo audioguide devices have such options, which are not typical for MP3 players.
    These are: simoltaneous starting with external control, anti-theft system, GPS.
  • People with visual impairment can also use orpheo devices, because of its clear and palpable components.
  • MP3 players are popular targets for thieves, while an audioguide is much safer!