06 Aug 2010

Litefast Mini 18

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Litefast MINI – Eye-Catchers on the Counter

Litefast MINI Digital Signage displays can be set up quickly and easily on sales and trade fair counters, at the customer desk, in the checkout area or display window.

The transparent displays and the holograph-like presentation are bound to draw maximum attention to your messages, creating a major advertising effect with minimal floorprint.

The transparent Litefast MINI desktop models are the perfect face-to-face advertising medium for high-traffic locations like sales and trade fair counters, customer desks, in the checkout area or in display windows. The crystal-clear 360° displays give graphics and text messages a unique holographic look that generates maximum attention. What is more, Litefast MINI displays are available with an integrated showcase for fascinating product presentations. An ultrafine 1mm LED pixel pitch provides crisp, clear pictures, creating a major advertising effect with a minimal footprint.

Litefast MINI Displays come in two standard diameters. Different sizes and OEM versions with individual branding to suit any kind of marketing campaign are also available on request.

General Technical Data:

Height: 410 mm / 16.1’’
Diameter: 180 mm / 7.1’’
Weight: 8 kg / 17.6 lb
Voltage: 200 – 240 VAC, 10 A, 1-phase
Power consumption: 0.25 KW
Interfaces: Bluetooth (Optional for networking: LAN / 3G / USB)
Software: Litefast Mini
Certificates: CE and ETL (UL)

Display Data:

Resolution 360°: 512 x 160 pixel
Screen size: 512 x 160 mm / 20.1 x 6.3’’
Pixel size: 1.0 mm2
Colour depth: 24 Bit / 16.7 million colours
Refresh rate: 60 Hz