06 Aug 2010

Litefast MOTION 100 SL

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High-contrast Digital Signage displays for POI and POS

Litefast MOTION displays are the perfect large-scale multimedia platform for any kind of video, commercial or trailer. Their innovative LED display technology provides an outstanding color space, color brilliance and contrast. A variety of optional audio systems make Litefast MOTION displays powerful marketing tools.

The Litefast MOTION models boast a fine 1 or 2mm LED pixel pitch for crisp and brilliant images. Based upon the modular product design, we can develop customized versions for specific project requirements as well. Outdoor versions will be available soon.

Litefast MOTION 100 SL

360-degree presentations attract up to three times as many viewers as flat screens, making Litefast MOTION video displays the perfect multimedia platform for eye-catching Digital Signage.

Litefast MOTION 100 SL is perfectly suited for portrait images as favored in fashion advertising. Its innovative LED display technology ensures brilliant colors and excellent contrast for lively and glamorous pictures.

Options & Accessories:

  • Built-in audio system with loudspeakers
  • Built-in audio system with loudspeakers and active subwoofer
  • Litefast Media Player with content management software for easy paylist creation
  • Litefast Image Scaler
  • Digital Media Blade

General Technical Data

Height: 2000 mm / 78.7’’
Diameter: 1000 mm / 39.4‘‘
Weight: 425 kg / 937 lbs
Mains Voltage: 200 – 240 VAC, 16 A, 3-phase
Power Consumption: 1.75 KW
Video Input: DVI-D
Service Interface: RS-232
Certificates: CE and ETL (UL)

Display Data

Resolution 360°: 1440 x 640 pixels
(3 images of 480 x 640 pixels)
Resolution 120°: 480 x 640 pixels
Screen Size: 2880 x 1280 mm / 113.4 x 50.4’’
Number of Screens Areas: 3
Pixel Pitch: 2.0 mm2
Color Depth: 24 Bit / 16.7 million colors
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz