14 Jul 2010

Orpheo NEO II

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Audioguide, Multimedia Guide, Visual Guide, PDA for Visitors, Visitor Digital Assistant, Electronic Guide… the Orpheo NEO has a plethora of capabilities to offer!

A dedicated Tool to Improve the Visitor Experience

The Orpheo NEO is one of our latest creations which we refer to as a VDA, for Visitor Digital Assistant. It can function as an audio guide or as a multimedia guide.It has a large color touch screen that provides video, pictures, text and menus. Two amplified loud speakers allow the visitor to listen comfortably and 2 headphone jacks are also included.

The built in GPS and IR receivers allow automatic positioning and triggering, for indoor or outdoor use. Robust material casing and a lanyard help protect the machine from damage in high use environments.

Content can be updated over the internet. Up to 2Gb of flash memory can be installed to allow for the creation and design of very rich programs. Memory is standard SD and the open software allows you to create your own program.

Launched at the end of 2006. the Orpheo NEO is already in use in several sites.

Technical specifications

– 2 integrated loud speakers
– 2 headphone jacks
– Integrated 1 Watt amplifier

Touch screen:
– High resolution color display : 240 x 320
– 65,000 colors
– High luminosity display

– ABS/PC plastic
– Heavy duty casing using a combination of double case elastomer and hard plastic
– Weather proof

– Integrated electronic pass code for anti theft
– NeoGuide software included (enables the immediate use of the device as a “video audio guide”)
– Built-in GPS