07 Dec 2010


Orpheo Comments Off on Orpheo MINI OLED

Orpheo Mini OLED

The Orpheo MINI OLED is the latest introduction to the Orpheo MINI product range. What’s new? A backlit display screen for maximum visibility which also allows the capability of incorporating high definition videos in colour.

Product Description
Dedicated for standard audio tours, the Orpheo MINI’s sophisticated design allows it to be very compact while still incorporating a display and standard size keypad. It is a very light and handy device, comparable to a cell phone, and is able to store and restore pre-recorded audio messages relating to the points of interest of your site. Audio messages in nearly any language can be stored and played on the Orpheo.

Players from the Oprheo range can be started either by an action on the keyboard, or via automatic triggering, according to the needs of your site. The content and the nature of the comments can be defined and recorded in your care or by our specialized audio content team. We also provide consulting services and are able to modify our products to meet any specific needs you may have.

Audioguide Features

– The audio compression, MP3, allows the creation of a lengthy audio program in any language.This technology is available throughout the entire ORPHEO product range.

– The technology RF ID (intelligent radio waves) brings to light new tour opportunities and applications for tourism. Coupled with our product, Art’op, it becomes an asset to indoor and outdoor tours.

– An international dimension, the choice of many languages through our partners all over the globe.

– Our technology integrates functionalities for the hearing and visually impaired.

– The Orpheo MINI OLED has a baclkit (blue monochromone) display screen. The colour option can be added which provides the opportunity to integrate images and videos.
Our software, Orpheo Picture Manager, is included with this option.

Technical specifications

– MP3
– AAC Mono / Stereo with 2 headphone jacks

OLED Display:
– Backlit display screen 102 x 76 pixels
– Monochrome blue functionality
– Colour option: 65.535 colours
– Video encoding at 25 frames per second

– ABS/Magnum plastic shock and fire-resistant
– Water-proof

– Theft protection system and automatic synchronization system
– Automatic triggering
– Software to edit audio content (Optional).