14 Jul 2010


Dataton Comments Off on Pickup

You’ve already got used to a virtual world of email and Internet. Don’t you miss the real world? Strolling in the woods, going to the theater, wandering around museums. But with the virtual world’s myriad choices, opportunities and information resources. And individually adapted to you. Pick up PICKUP and enter a new era where real and virtual converge. You use PICKUP at museums, trade shows, visitor centers, malls… It fits in your pocket, in your hand or clips on your belt. When you spot an object or item that interests you, point at it with your PICKUP. Click on the button. Quality stereo sound streams out of the headset. A lot of facts, a little music. Or the other way round. Swedish or Spanish or some other language.

Info for university scholars or preschool playgroups. Share your PICKUP with your companion—there are two stereo outputs. All the sound is stored on a smartmedia card, smaller than a credit card. But with the capacity of two hours CD quality audio. Eight hours if you can live with lower quality sound. An intuitive interface, a sleek design and superior sound make PICKUP an immediate favorite with visitors.

You’ll also appreciate PICKUP if you are at the other end of chain, arranging expos, providing information. You can quickly and simply produce audio for PICKUP on your personal computer. The smartmedia card stores sound but can also be used to register important data. For example, what the visitor selected and when. Use that info for visitor statistics. Or follow up with directed mail or email.

PICKUP is part of Dataton’s world famous system for SENSATION CREATION, products for controlling and presenting media in public environments.


PICKUP™ Art. No. 3355
Outline:12 × 47 × 94 mm
Weight: 65g

Audio storage: >2 hours

Lithium Polymer, gets fully charged within 2 hours.
Operates for more than 10 hours under normal user conditions.

3.5 mm stereo jacks for two head phones or line input on any PA system.

One circular rocker switch with built in display:
PLAY/STOP, go to next chapter, go to prior chapter.
Volume knobs (right hand side).
Tone characteristic knobs (left hand side):