April, 2010

LED-lit rear-projection video wall display from BARCO

Barco’s OL video wall series with unique Sense6 calibration and stabilization technology offers truly maintenance-free viewing. Visualization specialist Barco has announced its new series of LED-lit rear-projection video wall displays. With the development of the full HD (1920×1080) LED-based video wall system, Barco builds on many years of experience with LED displays. Next to the […]


Projectorlamps for any type

On a favourable price and with a short deadline, we undertake the purchase, transport of lamps for any projector type. Original manufacturers’ lamps, luminaires without frame, OEM products. If you wish, we built-in the lamps, luminaires without frame bought at us. It’s free of charge. We undertake the cleaning and maintenance – according to manufacturers’ […]


Mikropo LED lamps

Energy saving and lasting. Immediately after power it gives full brightness. Low heat production. Learn about the illuminators,bulbs, lamps of the future!